The Waterfront Pearl

The Waterfront Pearl

In the Pearl District

Waterfront Pearl
With 180 Condos and built in 2007, The Waterfront Pearl is located in the old River Queen parking lot on the edge of the Pearl District. It is bordered by Naito Parkway, the Albers Mill building to the south and the Portland Police paddock to the north.It boasts approximately 900 feet of waterfront, thus given the name”Waterfront Pearl.” A water feature covers almost the entire property and will range in depth from 18 to 36 inches. Water will cascade down a series of waterfalls, be recycled through a series of filters, and recirculated.

   For a private showing of an available unit at The Waterfront Pearl in Portland, call Brad Golik at 503-896-8856  

Concierge: YES Gym: YES
Location: Pearl District

What's Available? What's Available?