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There are still many "Put it in the MLS and hope" agents out there today. If you want to capture top dollar on the sale of your condo, why not hire an agent who cares enough to do everything he or she can to get your place seen by as many buyer's as possible. I simply refuse to cut corners when it comes to marketing your condo or loft. I often tell people "Any agent can sell your condo...but at what price?"


Whether it's soda, beer or tennis is so important. But, it's not just selling these products, it's selling them at a premium to other similar products by giving them a perceived higher value. Real Estate is no different! With real estate marketing it's so important to start with great professional photos, after all, photos are the foundation for most of your other marketing such as print media, listing websites and video. And great photos should be something that teases the buyer's and makes them say "I HAVE to see this property, it's beautiful!" And when buyers see high quality marketing, they will often associate the listing as being a higher quality property.

Quality vs Quantity - More marketing is not always better marketing. 360 degree photos are something a lot of agents use today. To me, this is giving away too much information to the buyer. A potential buyer may see 1 or 2 little things that turn them away from visiting the property, one they may actually have loved had they seen it. Marketing is all about getting the buyers to a property. It is also about giving the property a higher perceived value so that they are more comfortable in paying a higher price.

You have many choices when looking to hire an agent. Why not hire an agent who gives you great marketing for your listing. After all, you are paying an agent to market and sell your listing! Why not hire an agent that cares enough to spend the money it takes to do the job right?

Video Compilation

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I am a huge believer in marketing and I believe every agent should think that way...but they don't! Every agent will tell you they will "Market" your home, but what does that mean? I feel that a good way to determine how good of a job they will do marketing your condo is to look at how well they market themselves.  If an agent does not do a good job in marketing themselves, what makes you believe that they could do a good job in marketing your condo? Below you will find a short compilation of our personal marketing.