Portland’s best condominium blog?

“One lousy word, you call this a blog?” This was a response I got from my most recent, one word blog post about a new listing that came on the market at $2,100,000.

In actuality, I got several emails about this which I find very interesting. In this recent post I stated that this new listing priced at $2,100,000 was ‘under whelming”. I felt this was all I needed to say at the time I wrote. A friend of mine suggested that it was because I stood a better chance of making less punctuation and grammatical errors if I kept it to 1 word. Ouch! …but the truth hurts sometimes.

So at the request of several readers, I will elaborate. I believe that when you walk into anything in the Portland market that is priced in the $2,000,000 range it better have the “Wow” factor. When I walked into 625 11th Ave (the beautiful brick town homes on 11th in the Pearl) my first thought when I walked in the door was “That is a very cool dining set”. It was not a “Wow, this place is amazing!” While staging is important in showcasing a property, you know it is a problem when someone notices a dining set instead of the unit itself! Is this the problem of the stagers that were hired? No I don’t believe so as the staging was pretty low key. The problem was, in my opinion, expectations. That’s right expectations. When I go into a place with a $2,100,000 price tag I want to be WOWED! Simply put, I was not. In fact it was the opposite. When I walked into this town home, nothing yelled out to me that this was a $2,000,000 home, including the marketing materials. As I had mentioned in a previous blog, one of these town homes recently sold for $1,850,000. Same square footage, same location. At the very least, my expectations for this new listing (priced $250,000 higher) were that it was going to be more impressive than the one that sold for $1,850,000. Unfortunately, it was not! I don’t believe that the finishes were at the level of unit 618 or 633/637 (the combined unit for sale). The most impressive thing in this unit was the feature wall in the dining area that was stacked railroad ties from somewhere in Asia. Other than that, it was reasonably forgettable. In contrast, when I walked into the combined unit 633/637 it had the wow factor! It had the finishes and design elements that were worthy of a $2,775,000 unit.

So to those of you who did not like my 1 word post last week, I am sorry. I hope this helps

If you are a buyer in the +$1,000,000 market and would like to see some condos that do have the “Wow” factor, give me a call and we can set up a tour to view some amazing units. If your budget is under the $1,000,000 mark, don’t worry. You can still find units with lower prices that also have a certain “Wow” factor to them. It might be the views that it has or an amazing floor plan. Whatever it is you are looking for, no matter your budget, I can help you find your Portland condominium!

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