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In all fairness… - Luxury Condominiums Portland


In all fairness…

In all fairness…

I recently wrote in my blog about some issues at The Cosmopolitan in Portland. My comments were not warmly met by the folks at Hoyt Street Properties. In all fairness, I was only stating things that I have heard about going on at The Cosmo.

I do not want to come across as being totally negative on the project so in an act of diplomacy, I thought I would try an experiment. I do not want to just publish negative comments on this project so I am asking owners for some support. I would love to hear from new owners at The Cosmopolitan other than my current sources. I would love for you to send me an email ( and share your experience with the new building… good or bad! Please let me know your thoughts. If it has been a great experience so far, let me know. If it has not been a great experience, please let me know why.

Again, in an attempt to be fair in discussing condo issues in the city, I would love to get your feedback and in turn, I would love to share your responses.